Burns Launches Free On-line Weight Loss Assist Group For Chubby Pooches

Award winning pet food company Burns Pet Nutrition has launched a brand new support group exclusively for owners of overweight and obese dogs. The aptly named Dogs that drop pounds The weight loss group was launched on the Facebook social media platform in early January to help tackle the growing obesity pet crisis in the UK.

According to PDSA, the UK’s prestigious veterinary charity, more than half of all pets in the UK are believed to be overweight or obese. In a survey of veterinarians, most UK veterinarians identified obesity as one of the top five welfare problems facing the UK canine population.

This is believed to be a problem that has increased significantly in the past two years, but amazingly only 26% of UK dog owners can identify a possible weight problem with their pets. This means that the growing size of our pets is setting a new, worrying norm for the waistline of pets, making it impossible to determine what a healthy weight actually looks like.

The Dogs that drop pounds The group provides free, friendly, and non-judgmental advice and support to dog owners who are concerned about their pets’ weight. The group aims to empower pet owners by providing them with the right tools to identify and control a potential weight problem with their dogs, while also taking advantage of fun incentives like best dog weight loss of the month prizes.

Hounds Dropping Pounds are managed by Burns’ famous nutrition team, best known for providing advice and guidance to pet owners through a free hotline and chat facility on the main Burns Pet Nutrition website. The new group will offer weight loss resources such as tailored nutrition plans and nutritional advice, as well as regular trade-offs to keep dogs on track to meet their weight loss goals. Hounds Dropping Pounds bring together a community of owners to share their own tips and experiences on how they have achieved results with their own pets, and offer owners that extra pad of support.

Burns Pet Nutrition has been a leader in the healthy pet nutrition market since the company was founded by veterinarian John Burns in 1993. Burns is a pioneering pet food brand specializing in the use of simple, healthy, holistic ingredients. hand cooked recipes without the use of nasty chemicals. Since developing the original Chicken and Rice recipe, Burns has launched a number of pet food series, including the recently released Weight Management series, specifically designed to aid natural weight loss and help super-hungry dogs feel full longer.

With January being the optimal month to start a healthier lifestyle and with a third lockdown keeping us all close to our home, Burns Pet Nutrition’s mission is to help both dogs and their owners stay as fit and healthy as possible to stay. In addition to their new weight loss support group, Burns Pet Nutrition offers great advice through social media as well as through their educational and fun website blogs.

One of their most popular blogs in recent times is designed to combat the growing sense of boredom among those who started walking during lockdown. The blog offers tips on how to make lockdown walks with your dog more engaging, and explores methodologies like playing games, learning tricks, taking photos, and even participating in local wildlife initiatives like the RSPB’s Wild Challenge. With so much support and motivation for UK dog owners, hopefully soon our pets’ collar sizes and the crisis itself will shrink.

Take part in the Dogs that drop pounds Facebook group today via the handle @HoundsDroppingPounds or visit burnspet.co.uk/hounds-dropping-pounds/ for more information.

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