Brittany Matthews applauds “hateful” critics of maternity pictures


Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend Brittany Matthews celebrate winning the Chiefs AFC Championship in 2020.

Brittany Matthews, fiancee of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, rightly shoots back at those who criticized the recent maternity photos she posted on Instagram.

At a moment when we were about to celebrate the spring arrival of her little girl, many keyboard warriors instead criticized everything that the native Texas woman wanted to wear on her body.

A troll wrote according to E! Messages: “Someone, someone, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, please help this woman. She has so much potential. “

The point of sale reports that someone else commented, “Girl who dressed you for this shoot? You are beautiful and thin and this dress does not do you justice! Jesus Christ, this dress is an abomination. “

Via a now-expired Instagram story, Matthews shot back at both people and gave a relatable response to the inappropriate comments.

“Well ladies, I am not trying to look ‘thin’ in my maternity photos, I am very pregnant and I am not trying not to make myself look pregnant.

“Women who are hateful of other women on social media must seriously stop! If you have nothing nice to say, THEN STFU. “

Over on Twitter, the Kansas City National Women’s Soccer League owner also thanked fans for her defense and promised to continue using her platform to promote body positivity through her successful home fitness programs and other opportunities.

💕🙌🏼 appreciate you!

– Brittany Matthews (@ brittanylynne8) February 19, 2021

Unimpressed by the hecklers, Matthews followed up the Friday post on Saturday with a few more solo recordings, showing off her full length red dress and titled “Ready to Meet You Baby.”

Matthews is so alien as to defend himself or others

If you thought it a good idea to harass them, our advice is different. Matthews was also quick to defend her future husband against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this month during Super Bowl LV.

At the start of the fourth quarter of the 31-9 loss, Mahomes appeared to look defeated in a close-up photo. ESPN posted the image out of context, which didn’t go well with Matthews.

Cool ESPN, love the support of a large sports platform for one of the best players in the league …

– Brittany Matthews (@ brittanylynne8) February 8, 2021

“Cool ESPN, I love the support of a large sports platform for one of the best players in the league … [corn emojis]YYYY, ”she wrote while quoting the original tweet.

The sports center, ESPN’s flagship, carried out a similar action towards the end of the competition. Once again, Matthews came in defense of their longstanding love.

You’re for it, too, but he looks damn good to me. Https://

– Brittany Matthews (@ brittanylynne8) February 8, 2021

One thing is for sure, Matthews has a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect.

Matthews makes her own moves on the KC Professional sports scene

Mahomes may be the face of the Chiefs, but don’t be fooled. Matthews shapes professional sport in the city of fountains. In December she became a partner in Kansas City’s newest professional women’s soccer league.

Excited fans can count up to the opening season by becoming a charter member and buying season tickets. This is evident from a link she posted in a tweet earlier this week.

Let’s go! Who is in the opening season?

– Brittany Matthews (@ brittanylynne8) February 19, 2021

According to the official NWSL website, all 10 franchises will compete against each other in a regular season of 24 games starting May 15, 2021. The league will not be interrupted during the 2021 Summer Olympics. If everything goes according to plan, the regular season will end on October 30, 2021.

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