Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai drops jaws with wonderful weight reduction transformation and beautiful appears in clip

Brandy’s 19-year-old daughter Sy’rai looks stunning after a dramatic weight loss. The famous teen mom raved about her stunning new figure in a recent Instagram post.

Anyone who remembers the MTV show “Brandy: Special Delivery” will be surprised that Brandy’s daughter is already nineteen. Sy’rai, whose days were shared with the world prior to their arrival, has grown up.

Sy’rai Smith recently unveiled her incredibly fantastic weight loss transformation that resulted in tons of positive feedback. The already gorgeous teen looks even more beautiful with the confidence of her new look.

Sy’rai Smith and Brandy at the opening night after the “Chicago” party on Broadway, April 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Smith’s mom Brandy couldn’t help but share a picture of her stunning mini self to celebrate her hard work. Her post shows Smith looking slim while posing with her mother on the first slide, and the second slide shows her before the transformation.

Smith looks great on both slides, but you can’t help but notice the teen’s sleek look. Brandy shares that she is inspired by her daughter’s transformation in the post and adds inspiring audio files.

Smith noted her mother’s support in the comment section by showing her appreciation and love in return. The love and support of the post also spread among Brandy’s followers, who congratulated the teen on their trip.

Despite her age, Smith was able to eloquently express her reasons for wanting to lose weight. At just 16, Smith went live on her Instagram to spread a message of self-love while also revealing her journey:

“Never let anyone else tell you who you are. That’s the only thing that made me lose weight. “

Sy'rai Smith's before-picture on Brandy's Instagram, July 2021 |  Source: Instagram / Brandy

Sy’rai Smith’s before-picture on Brandy’s Instagram, July 2021 | Source: Instagram / Brandy

Instagram comments aren’t always the best if you are looking for kindness. Brandy is inundated with it, however. The singer’s supporters praised her teenage daughter for her dedication to herself.

It’s no surprise that Brandy’s fans would react this way to their daughter because the two are so close. The iconic singer regularly praises her daughter on social media, which means her fans should follow suit.

A fan commented on Brandy's post, July 2021 |  Source: Instagram / Brandy

A fan commented on Brandy’s post, July 2021 | Source: Instagram / Brandy

Brandy’s fans and followers are regularly spoiled with selfies and animated videos of the mother-daughter duo. Their close relationship is as inspiring as Smith’s remarkable weight loss transformation.

The singer had her daughter with the big record producer Big Bert when she was just 25 years old. Her pregnancy received a lot of attention and resulted in a reality TV show on MTV called “Brandy: Special Delivery”.

When Brandy announced her pregnancy, she told the media that she secretly married the producer for a year. However, when the couple split two years later, Big Bert announced that they were never married.

The producer for artists like Toni Braxton said they got married to protect Brandy’s clean image. As a result, the scandal changed how the public perceived brandy, but never shook the way they viewed their daughter.

Despite the custody battle and media back and forth, the former couple did a fantastic job raising Smith. As a result, the teen also soaked up some of her parents’ talents.

Smith is a talented singer like her mom and has even started recording singles to share online. Several fans were pleasantly surprised to hear the teen’s voice in a recently released single.

Smith enlisted the help of her producer cousin Aaron Smith to develop “At Your Best”. The single samples Aaliyah’s hit “At Your Best (You Are Love)” from 1994 and serves as a tribute to the late young singer.

Smith’s mother proudly shared a clip of her daughter’s new single and raved about her “angelic” voice. The singing skills of the talented teenager in the single impressed many, comparing it to another brandy in development.

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