Bharti Singh on her Weight Loss Path: I really feel wholesome, my diabetes and bronchial asthma are actually below management

Celebrities not only entertained us, they also inspired us. Lately, many actors have lost weight and turned out to be inspiration for their fans. They also urged fans to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Comedian Bharti Singh was also on the news for losing weight. However, she always mentioned that her weight was a positive point for her. She lost almost 15kg in one year and Bharti loves her new avatar.

In the Times of India, the comedian said, “I dropped from 90 to 30 pounds. I feel healthy and fit. And now I don’t feel breathless anymore. Since I’ve lost weight, my diabetes and asthma are also under control. I do intermittent fasting and don’t eat anything between 7pm and 12pm. My body has slowly started to accept this change. I don’t have my dinner later than 7pm. ”She even thanked Lockdown for understanding many things, including the importance of family.

Bharti emphasized that one should always love one’s body. “If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you. It’s important to accept yourself for who you are, ”she added. Shweta Tiwari also became an inspiration after losing nearly 10 kg.

Bharti is currently on the Kapil Sharma Show. She also spoke about her future planning, saying the couple are planning for the baby. “When it happens, I’ll be the first to tell. I am not hiding anything from my fans. I have so much love for her, “she added.

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