Beneath $50 dwelling exercise gear you will truly wish to use

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Crowded gyms can be a motivation killer, so it’s important to arm yourself with the tools you need to stay active at home.

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, training in January is non-negotiable for many. However, gym memberships can be a budget’s worst nightmare, with busy schedules and overdue membership fees you don’t have time to use.

Investing in budget-friendly active equipment that you can use anywhere is the perfect way to ensure you stay on track to reach your fitness goals this year.


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Make training affordable and hassle-free with these must-have home fitness essentials for under $50.

Aim’n Resistance Bands – $30

Fitness level aside, if your goal is to tone your body, resistance bands are a good place to start. Studies conducted by the Sage Open Medicine Journal show that resistance band training provides strength gains similar to using traditional gym equipment.

Our favorite is the Aim’n Resistance Band set because it offers 3 different difficulty levels for a great price and it also comes with a super cute carrying case! – Buy now

LiveUp Sports Kettlebell 10kg – $49

A kettlebell is the ultimate training tool! Build strength, endurance and balance at the same time. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that using kettlebells can also help improve posture over the long term.


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Our favorite is the LiveUp Sports Kettlebell, as not only is it a stylish and versatile addition to your home gym, but it’s also functional and durable. – Buy now

Cotton on Body Yoga Mat – $34

Yoga mats aren’t just for the downward dog, they’re designed to protect your joints from the bumps of a hard floor. They are essential for any type of floor work, be it stretching, abs, pilates or yoga.

Our favorite is the Cotton On Body yoga mat because not only is it affordable, but it comes in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. – Buy now

Torpedo7 Olympus Hex Dumbbell 5kg – $34

With quirky new gimmicks claiming to be the next best fitness craze, sometimes it’s best to just stick with the classics! If you’re looking to build strength with no frills, you can upgrade any workout with a dumbbell or two.

Our favorite is the Olympus Hex dumbbell as it comes in a range of affordable sizes and the rubber coating ensures your floors stay undamaged during those tougher sessions – buy now

LiveUp Sports Anti-Burst Swiss Ball – $39

When creating the perfect at-home workout, versatility is key. Offering endless variations for your workout, a Swiss Ball is a fun and dynamic way to quickly increase your core strength, balance and flexibility.

You can incorporate a stability ball into almost any type of workout to challenge your core and take your workout routine to the next level. – Buy now

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