Baltimore Police Officer Charged with Teen Stepson’s Homicide; Legal professional Says He Wished “Police Suicide”; Spouse “feared for all times” in refused safety order

MILLERSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) – Anne Arundel County Police Department have now charged Baltimore City Police Officer Eric Banks Jr., the stepfather of 15-year-old Dasan Jones, with the murder of the teenager. It follows that the coroner determines that the death was a murder by asphyxiation.

Prosecution documents in the case of Baltimore City Police Officer Eric Banks, who is accused of killing his stepson and hiding the body in his attic. @wjz

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– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

Banks remains with the police, his police powers suspended, and is being held at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

“This is an absolutely heartbreaking, traumatic and horrific case. Our hearts ache for his grieving mother and siblings, ”said Amal Awad, Anne Arundel County Police Chief.

Chief Awad “Our hearts ache.” @wjz #DasanJones

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

On July 6, police found Dasan’s body hidden in an attic in Banks’ townhouse in Curtis Bay. Anne Arundel County Police Chief told WJZ investigator Mike Hellgren that Banks was trying to cover it up.

“I can say with confidence that it was very deceptive,” said Awad.

Obituary for Dasan James Edward Jones published. See

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 9, 2021

Prosecution documents obtained from WJZ indicated that Dasan had injuries to his neck, face and mouth. The police found his wet, bloody clothes, which smelled of bleach, in a dresser.

Police said Banks became addicted to a reacting officer and tried to grab the officer’s gun.

“During that argument with the police, Mr. Banks said, and I quote,” My life is over. Choke me Choke me Suffocate me, ”said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County police spokesman.

Banks’ attorney said his client plans not to plead guilty.

“My client firmly denies being involved in DJ’s death,” Defense attorney Warren Brown told Hellgren.

Baltimore officer’s attorney Eric Banks said “there was a panic” after his stepson died in his home … and after the police arrived he tried to get them to leave. He says the officer planned to kill himself. Police say it was murder and Banks was deliberately “deceiving” @wjz

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

“We may understand how the prosecution can indict murder here. The problem is what led to this suffocation – be it suicide or murder, ”Brown said. “The young man and my client had both talked about suicide in the past. When my client was arrested, he even tried a suicide attempt by a police officer in the hope that he would be shot. “

In the loading documents, Dasan’s mother said her son called her shortly before he died and there was no evidence that anything was wrong.

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Warren Brown is representing Baltimore City Police Officer Eric Banks, who is accused of murdering his stepson in Anne Arundel County @wjz

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

“It looks like there was panic. My client’s position is that he found his stepson dead and that he himself expected suicide and wanted to be found with his stepson. When the police came he was hoping they would come and go and he would commit suicide and be found next to his stepson, “Brown said.

He said his client had a “very good relationship” with his stepson.

“The young man’s mother wanted to move to Arizona. Dasan didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay here. My client raised him since he was a kid, ”said Brown.

He said Banks suffered from mental health problems “who were not involved in the fight for his country in Afghanistan. He’s seen terrible things, lost friends, saw people’s legs blown away. “

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison called Officer Banks’ actions “shocking to the conscience. This is a classic example of why I advocated the autonomy and authority to fire officials when faced with heinous criminal charges. “

🚨 Baltimore City Police Officer Charged with Stepson’s Murder. Statement by Commissioner Harrison ⬇️ @wjz

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott confirmed that sentiment. “It’s disgusting. It’s a hideous and cowardly act,” he said.

Awad praised the behavior of her officers on the scene.

“At any moment they could have accepted an answer that was given to them [by Banks] and went away and they didn’t. They kept asking questions, ”she said.

The wife of Baltimore City Officer Eric Banks wrote in an application for a protection order that she feared for her life. A judge denied an order. A second order was approved – but it was too late: your son Dasan was dead before it was served. @wjz

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) July 14, 2021

Dasan’s mother filed several warrants to protect her husband, claiming he was dangerous and stalking her. She wrote: “I fear for my life and my well-being because Eric Banks is constantly trying to control me and my sons, to follow them and to abuse them emotionally.”

A judge dismissed the first application, filed in late June.

A second warrant was issued but could not be served because Banks was already in custody following the discovery of Dasan’s body.

The police powers of the banks had previously been suspended because of the filing of a protection order, said Brown.

Awad asked the community to “pick up” Dasan’s mother and “put her arms around her.”

More than $ 12,000 was raised for the family.

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Dasan loved to play the violin and was an honorary student who had just graduated from Glen Burnie High School.

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