Backyard crops that want pruning now – the “greatest” solution to prune these 5 crops

One downside, however, is that the spirea plant will start to look tired and awkward if not pruned properly. Andy said: “Spirea needs pruning in winter when it is dormant.

“Pruning helps encourage more compact growth and encourage flowering. To prune, first cut off any dead or diseased stems, then trim the remaining branches by a third of their length.

3. Hydrangea

The secret to happy, healthy hydrangea blooms lies in whether or when they are pruned. Of course, there is a lot to be said for fertilization and the provision of the right location. However, these efforts will be in vain if gardeners do not prune properly.

Andy advised: “Prune your hydrangeas in winter when they are dormant. Begin by removing dead, damaged, or diseased stems. Then trim the remaining longer branches by a third of their length.”

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