Attacker at Encino Hospital introduced as affected person, then stabbed 3, says LAPD – NBC Los Angeles

Just days after deadly gun violence broke out at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man was accused of stabbing a doctor and two nurses at Encino Hospital Medical Center on Friday.

The Los Angeles Police Department said he presented as a patient before the shocking attack.

The attacker was finally remanded in custody late Friday after a four-hour standoff.

The suspect was later identified by police as 35-year-old Ashkan Amirsoleymani.

He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and charged with three counts. His bail was set at $3 million.

Los Angeles police tried and failed to negotiate with the man who was hiding near the emergency room after seriously injuring three medical workers and throwing Ventura Boulevard into chaos.

SWAT teams moved cautiously as other first responders surrounded the medical center on the 16000 block of Ventura Boulevard, where at 3:50 p.m. they claimed the suspect entered the emergency room and assaulted two nurses and a doctor.

An ultrasound technician saw him just before the attack.

“He looked tall. He just looked very scared. He was sweating profusely. Half his shirt was soaked with sweat. He had a dog with him,” said Benjamin Roman.

The LAPD eventually held the attacker in a room near the ER as they cleared the first floor.
Passers-by on busy Ventura Boulevard couldn’t believe their eyes.

Ulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin announced Thursday that the man who opened fire at a medical center just hours before fatally shot four people, including a doctor who had recently treated him, using a semi-automatic Bought an AR style rifle.

“We saw people coming out. Bloody people, kinda. Normal patients too. I think they were evacuated somehow,” witness BraydenMordkowitz said.

“I am praying for all of their families. The doctors, the nurses, the patients. I am disgusted with all the violence that has happened lately,” witness Mia Abramovitch said.

Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center said Saturday that two of the victims have been treated and released. One victim remains in hospital in good but stable condition.

“We ended up having to use some of our other methods outside of the negotiations and he was taken into custody. He was initially taken to a local hospital for injuries that appear to have been self-inflicted. He’ll be treated there and booked afterward,” LAPD Valley Bureau Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said at a news conference outside the medical center.

A doctor and two nurses were reportedly injured. Officials said the three injured were in critical condition. Beverly White reporting June 3, 2022.

An officer at the scene told reporters the identity of the attacker was known to authorities, that he had had several run-ins with police and had been arrested twice in the past for assaulting police officers. His last arrest was made last year, police said.

“He was previously arrested here in the San Fernando Valley for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest,” Hamilton said.

The LAPD said it didn’t appear he targeted anyone.

Pat Koren waited outside the hospital amidst the crowd that had formed. She feared her boyfriend was injured.

“I know she works. I see her car. I hope she’s good and the bad people get caught,” she said.

She later confirmed that her friend, an emergency doctor, was among the three wounded.

The LAPD said the attacker acted alone. They recovered the weapon at the scene, which was described as a knife with a 3- to 4-inch blade.

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