At the very least 109 staff in a Colorado ski resort have examined optimistic for Covid-19

The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment announced the outbreak at Winter Park Resort in January but released the data in its weekly breakout summary on Wednesday.

There are at least 109 employees with active infections, they said.

“It was found that these cases were attributed not to transmission through interaction with visitors, but rather to off-work social gatherings and residential gatherings,” Grand County, Colorado officials said Monday in a joint statement with Winter Park Resort.

While the Colorado ski season is in full swing, other ski resorts have reported cases of Covid-19 as well. According to CDPHE data, the Winter Park outbreak is currently the largest.

“We have worked closely with health officials since the pandemic began,” said Jen Miller, communications manager at the ski resort. “We did extensive planning and had to get state approval for our operations before we could open on December 3rd.”

Most of the cases stem from non-work social gatherings and home gatherings, Miller said.

Precautions according to Miller include: reconfiguration of elevator corrals and procedures for loading elevators, additional staff, new signage to remind visitors of mask requirements, restrictions on food, a reservation system to manage the visit and the number of people in the resort, contactless Accommodation and a state-approved test center for their 1,700 active employees.

However, some visitors reported that mask mandates were not enforced.

When asked about these reports, Miller said, “We have done a lot of work and developed our operations as needed. I cannot speak to any individual’s experience, but we welcome feedback and will continue to make changes to health and health.” The well-being of our employees, guests and the community is our top priority. “

Conor Cahill, press secretary for Colorado Governor Jared Polis, said ski resorts across the state “need better job scheduling and management of surge weekends.”

Although vaccinations continue to be introduced, many U.S. employees have risked Covid-19 by going to work.

In October, Amazon reported that nearly 20,000 employees were infected with the virus. One study found that 20% of grocery store workers in a Boston store were infected with the virus. Some companies like Aldi, Dollar General, Trader Joe’s, and Instacart have started paying employees to vaccinate to help contain outbreaks.

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