Asda and Aldi 65p houseplants deter flies from coming into your own home

After warmer temperatures across much of the UK this week, cooler weather has returned as British Summer Time draws to a close.

But while the cool breeze will be welcome by many, it can attract pesky flies to invade your home.

How do I keep flies out of the house?

If you’re tired of chasing flies out of your house during the summer months, a little-known tip might help solve the problem.

Tap Warehouse cleaning experts recommend using fragrant houseplants to keep those pesky flies away.

Flies hate the strong scents of basil and mint, so placing a pot of one of these plants on your windowsill will help ward off uninvited visitors.

A pot of basil is available for just 67p from Aldi, while you can buy a pot of mint for just 65p from Asda.

Polly Shearer, cleaning expert, said: “The heat is causing an increase in flies and means houseflies are more likely to breed in hot weather!

“That could see tens of thousands of flies buzzing around grills and kitchens this summer.

“We recommend taking preventive measures this summer to stop the proliferation of flies and insects in your kitchen.”

More top tips to keep flies away from your home

There are some other cheap, easy home remedies you can try to keep pesky flies at bay during the summer.

Use citrus oils, candles and incense sticks

Other natural solutions to keep flies away are placement Citronella candles and incense near open doors and windows.

Putt dried cloves, mint, lavender or Cinammon in pots or bowls with open windows should also work as flies don’t like the strong smell.

You can also try diffusing essential oils around your home, especially strong scents such as lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Create a flytrap with apple cider vinegar

If you don’t have any essential oils or herbs on hand, another easy solution is to use apple cider vinegar to make a flytrap.

Mix the vinegar with dish soap and place it in a bowl near windows and doors in your home.

The aroma will attract the flies to the concoction, but the dish soap reduces the surface tension of the liquid, causing them to submerge and become trapped in the solution.

Alternatively, you can fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar, cover with cling film, and poke a few holes in the top of the plastic.

The vinegar attracts the flies to the mixture, but once they venture inside, there’s no escaping the plastic seal.

Put coins in water by the window

A popular hack shared on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group suggests hanging a ziplock plastic bag filled with water and some coins on an open window or over a door.

It is believed that the light reflected off the coins discourages the flies from entering, causing them to be confused and overwhelmed, causing them to quickly fly away.

Store fizzy drinks in the refrigerator and wipe up spills

Fruit flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks, so fruit flies may congregate in the area if those drinks are omitted.

Make sure spills are cleaned up immediately, rinse all empty bottles to prevent flies from being attracted to them and keep all open fizzy drinks in the fridge.

Wash dirty dishes

Make sure dirty dishes are washed and put away instead of leaving them by the sink as this could attract flies.

Washing dishes as soon as possible helps prevent flies from contaminating your dishes with bacteria and even laying eggs on them.

Use baking soda to keep your kitchen trash can dry

Food rots much faster in your trash can in summer due to hot weather, which can attract flies, insects, and maggots.

Putting baking soda in the trash can can help absorb odors and liquids that come out, but be sure to empty it regularly.

Store leftovers in sealed containers

Flies are attracted to any leftover food left uncovered, so make sure you keep the items in a sealed container or bag to keep them out.

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