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McMurray cataloged auction # 74

Tue 23 February 2021 – Sat 27 March 2021

Box 393 – Kirkwood NY 13795

McMurray cataloged auction # 74
of patent drugs, pills, doses,
Pharmacist / drugstore & promotional items.
Our letter / telephone offer for absence
Closing date: Saturday, March 27th, 10 p.m. EST
McMurray Antiques & Auctions,
Box 393, Kirkwood, NY 13795

Marked patent drugs: Warner’s: Blockhouse cough and consumption agent, Blockhaus extract, safe nerve, 2 sizes = safe agents Co. Compound. Bitters: ST Drakes Plantation, Sarsina Stomach, West India Stomach Bitter, Sandborns Laxative Bitters, Dr. Jacobs’ Bitters, Dr. Langley’s Root & Herb, Prickly Ash, Dr. Pierces Indian Restorative Bitters, Dr. Warrens, sample size Dr. Harter’s. Winans Bros. Indian Cure, Amber, Hamptons V. Tincture Mortimer & Mowbray Baltimore, pp. Veg. Syrup for women, Dr. TJ Kilmers Special Remedies, Dr. Kilmer’s Feminine Remedy, Bog Root and Ocean-Weed Heart Remedy. Dr. McLean’s liver and kidney balm and heart strengthening, Lydia Pinkham’s blood cleanser and vegetables. Connection, Mrs. Dinsmore’s Balm, Lighty’s Celery Nerve Connection, Dr. Green’s Blood Cleaner & Nerve Tonic, Dr. Kings Sarsaparilla, Dr. James’ Stillingine & Sarsap., Rare, Kemps Sarsaparilla, 2 sizes = Dr. Harter’s Lung Balm, Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine, Doct. Mott’s Cough Balm, Tilden & Co. New Lebanon. Tag / Pontiled: Tilden & Co. NY., Longleys Panacea, DeWitts Painkillers, John Bulls King of Pain, CC Bristol-Buffalo, Dr. Guysotts Sarsaparilla, Dr. Kennedys Medical Discovery, Bachs American Compound, Holdens Dysentary & Diarrhea Cordial, Dr. Porter, Snow & Mason. Lots of the above with boxes !!
Cans: Unusual, DCA New National Cigar Tin with drugstore / pharmacy designs on the sides, Dr. Hall’s Catarrh Remedies, Crosby’s Swedish Asthma Cure, Superior Cough Drops, Magical Regulators – Trial Treatment, Dr. Kilmer’s U&O Rehearsal and More !!
Tooth powder jars: Dr. Beldings tooth powder, Holmans tooth powder, Deich, Riker, tooth powder once a week, dentist friend, flat pocket shape for dental soap. Tooth Bottles = Meade & Baker’s Carbolic Mouthwash, JI Browns & Sons Oriental Tooth Powder, Vernas Lotion / Mouthwash, Unusual Pande Tooth Powder, Wooden Cylinder. Daisy Tooth Tweezers with Box. Fine, Dr. Grafts Riggscide Medicated Tooth Powder Sign, etc.
Pills: Knapp, Warner’s Safe Yeast Cannister, Strong & Osgood’s Physianthroptic Pills, Gum-To-Bac Medicated Gum Box, Nice, Kennedy’s Headache Pills Countertop Store Display, Marshall’s Asthma Cigarettes, Lot of 10 Homeopathic Eopa Home Remedies from San Francisco, Ca., Others Group pills etc.
Pharmacist: 2 different reverse glass specie glasses, label under glass containers in clear, amber, green and cobalt blue! 2 = WR Warner & Co. LUG base base glasses, 2 = early amethyst storage jars, 2 sizes: inverted Merck glasses, ceramic ointment pots, set of cardboard drug glasses, Dr. Wansbroughs nipple shields, Quassia cups, Phenix breast pump, The Lycosite “Quack Device” with box, Parke-Davis & Co. Store cans and more !!
Veterinary medicine: labeled bottles = healing balm for juniper tar, Dr. Lesures fever drops, Dr. AC Daniels eye wash. Packages: Rare, Carey’s GESS Horse and Cattle Powder, Dr. Cadys state powder, Owens poultry powder, Flecks poultry powder, sample package = Pratts feed for horses, cows, pigs, sheep. Canister: Lightning Lice Killing Powder, Dr. Lesures dust powder, Talbot’s flea powder. Unusual, Big Hahn’s Celebrated Hog Cholera Preventive and Deobstructive Powder Tin, Seibert Handy Fly Tin. Rare, Labaree Veterinary Medicine Co. “Pharaoh Horses” Tin Litho Tray etc …
Commercials: Characters: Graphic, International Honey Tar Foot Remedy, Lydia Pinkhams Vegetable Link, Ayers: Cathartic Pills and Ague Cure. Warner’s sure cure, Dr. D. Jaynes Expectorant Poster – Lafayette, Danas Sarsaparilla, Nice, Dr. Russell’s Pepsin Calasaya Bitters. Embossed tin = Welch’s magic tea cures constipation, malaria, etc., Reverse Glass: Nice, Dr. Walker’s California Vinegar Bitters, Dr. McLanes Vermifuge, Dr. Jaynes Family Drugs, Ayers Cherry Pectoral. West’s Liver Pill Commercials. Complete, Antikamnia Calendar 1900, Rare, French Celery & Caffeine Bromide Drink LUG Counter Jar, Unusual, Wm. Radam’s Microbe Killer Jug, Rare, Eye-Proof Cast Iron Advertising Watch, Dr. Scholl’s porcelain thermometer. Selection of wooden boxes & more !!!
For a fully illustrated catalog of full color images, send $ 15.00 to: McMurray
Antiques & Auctions, P.O. Box 393, Kirkwood, NY 13795.
Email: [email protected]
Phone (607) 775-5972 or Phone / Fax (607) 775-2321
Price list included after the auction.
I am currently accepting quality items for future sales.

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