Anne Hegerty Weight Loss: Anne Hegerty maintains the third drop with a easy every day technique

Anne Hegerty, also known as The Governess on ITV’s The Chase, has changed markedly over the years, revealing that she has dropped an impressive three stones. After admitting to struggling with her weight in the past, viewers have been amazed at her success.

But how did she do it?

After entering the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle in 2018, the fan favorite lost a tremendous amount of weight, which became a watershed moment for her.

She reportedly lost a stone in just three weeks during her time in the Australian camp, which includes a restricted diet of foods including rice, beans and meat.

This along with the amount of exercise and exercise she was getting each day contributed to the change in the look of her body.

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Anne also explained during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning that she believes it was the lack of salt in her diet that prompted her to lose weight

Now she still follows a very simple set of rules when it comes to shedding the pounds and reveals that she drinks plenty of water to shed more weight.

“I have to do it in small steps,” said Anne.

“If I just try to be healthy and drink lots of water, the weight loss will come.

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“If I lose a stone or two, no one will notice, but I will feel better about myself.

“I’ve lost weight, replaced my glasses with contacts and felt a lot more confident.”

In the past, the TV quizzer revealed that her weight had prevented her from maintaining a relationship.

But after shedding the pounds, she finally felt confident about “being back on her feet.”

And she told Jeremy Vine in 2019, a year after she got out of the jungle: “The thing is my health is fine.

“Before I went into the jungle, I had to undergo a lot of tests,” she said before revealing the results.

“They all came back and said, ‘Your blood sugar is perfectly normal, if anything lower than it might need to be.

“‘We spent an hour staring at scans of your heart, you don’t have clogged arteries.'”

Anne added, “I’m not a fit fat person and I’d like to be fitter, but I’m not unhealthy.”

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