Angela’s weight reduction hypocrisy continues to unfold

Angela Deem was blown up by 90-day fiancé fans. The grandmother continues to be called for her obvious lies about her procedures.

While Angela Deems had shockingly bad behavior during the 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Season 6 Tell-All Part 1 continues to be criticized by viewers, franchise fans also call Angela about her consistent hypocrisy. Grandmother’s weight loss was at the center of her story, and she’s not afraid to reveal her new figure at Tell-All. However, fans are frustrated that Angela continues to claim that her weight loss and breast reduction surgery should help her breathe as the 90-day fiancé star continues to smoke.

Angela was at the center of the Tell-All drama when she notoriously showed her boobs in the cameras for her treatment of husband Michael during a meltdown. While Michael waits for news of his US visa in Nigeria, his relationship with Angela has reached a breaking point. Angela performed her operations without her husband’s consent, which left her feeling unsupported. Meanwhile, the much younger Michael and his family are determined to provide Angela with a child for her husband, despite her apparent age-related infertility. To add to the drama, Angela’s potentially romantic relationship with her doctor, Dr. Above revealed to Michael’s contempt.

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Although Angela was beaten up by viewers for her trashy behavior and verbal abuse of her husband, many fans are also frustrated with her claims about her health. A viewer called her on Reddit. “Angela keeps screaming that she had weight loss surgery because she had difficulty breathing … It never crossed her mind to stop damaging her breathing apparatus (lungs) by inhaling cigarette smoke 10,000 times a day, right?” the fan before stressing that her weight loss procedures were vanity projects and not for her health. Many viewers have expressed similar feelings for weeks as Angela’s weight loss has put fans off Happily Ever After and even the 90 Day Fiancé franchise in general.

Angela’s pursuit of a more youthful appearance has been cited as a big departure from the franchise’s initial focus on the K-1 visa process. Their faulty reasoning was also highlighted. “Her first reason for the operation was to look sexy to Michael. She told him that. After talking to the doctors, she learned that it would help her breathe. That became her new reason,” one fan wrote before saying : “The fame has gone to her head.” Many viewers agree that Angela seems drawn to attention and is likely to want to secure her own spin-off show. While the grandmother achieved her goal of getting leaner, many fans don’t believe that it improved her looks or did anything to make up for the ugly personality she shows on TV.

With their marriage in tatters, viewers encouraged Michael to leave Angela. The Nigerian even told his wife to see Dr. Get married above because she was so visibly in love with her doctor. Angela has become a huge franchise villain for a number of reasons, but viewers are mostly angry at the way she treats her husband. Angela tried to hack her husband’s phone in order to track him, often verbally abusing him and blaming him for her problems. Franchise fans find it clear that Angela is an unhealthy spouse, and Michael should follow in his 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? in the footsteps of co-star Mike Youngquist and seek a divorce.

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