An Inflatable Giant With Obstacle Courses

The YARD Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course is ideal for outdoor spaces that are larger than the aforementioned bounce houses. The perfect addition if you host a lot of kid’s parties! Your kids’ eyes will be drawn to the bright colors, and they will be entertained for hours at a time.

Kids can bounce, climb, and run through the obstacle courses while going through the tunnel, climbing wall, and slide. The best thing about it is that it keeps kids entertained at large parties. A great summer summer lawn item or an economical summer backyard item to keep the neighborhood kids entertained all day. If you need any kind of information about any Bounce House yopu can visit and contact at

It looks fantastic and reminds me of a big, professional bounce house that can be rented. You can also keep your kids safe by providing them a mesh net!

Weight & Age Recommended

This bounce house can accommodate more kids because it is so big. According to the manufacturer, it can accommodate children weighing between 550 and 1000 pounds. Interestingly, many of the reviews said that they used the bouncer more than once.

A toddler or small child under 4:.4 might not be able to participate in this inflatable bounce house due to its obstacle courses features.


In addition to fitting in large backyards, this is a gigantic bounce house. 21.3′ x 9.2′ x 7.9′ and rectangular shape makes it an ideal fit. Because the bounce house includes obstacles, it is longer than traditional bounce houses.

A hall or auditorium could easily accommodate it because of its size, but it is impossible for a portable device to fit inside your home.


Made by 32 inches in diameter and 14-16 inches in thickness, the YARD Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course is suitable for all ages. Additionally, it has a commercial-grade bounce floor and a slide that is both rated for durability and longevity.

The inflatable bounce house meets the requirements of rental bounce houses, but it’s listed as a residential bounce house. Inflatable Giant Obstacle Course is the ultimate party companion for your kids and their friends!

One review said this was the best “residential” bounce house they have seen. An inflatable bouncer seller asked us how long it would last.  An individual responded that they have had it for a year and find it to be “very durable.” A second customer stated that seven kids between the ages of 5 and 10 were riding it on their first ride, as well as three adult women. The song held up perfectly fine after two hours played. Most actual inflatable bounce house owners are confident that it will last for many years.

The Ease of Use

It’s still easily set up and inflagged, despite its large size. An air tube and zipper are used to inflate the bounce house using a powerful 940W blower.

This item is 105 pounds heavy, so it will take some help to get it down on the ground.

Reviewers stated it inflates within 2 minutes. Likewise, you can deflate it by turning off the blower, allowing the air to come out, before rolling it up and storing it into its storage bag.

Customer Review

On Amazon, the YARD Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course was getting a perfect review at the time I wrote this review. It only took one negative review to break down the entire customer feedback!

All the buyers are raving about what a good investment the product was. They all liked how large it was and how many children it could fit. This bounce house has been recommended to many kids by lots of different people, and the reviewer hasn’t regretted his decision. A bit of everything was included in the design.

In one evaluation, the only negative feedback was that the capacity was not as listed and that the slide was too steep and there was insufficient space for kids to slide down safely.

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