An Amtrak practice collides with a car at a California intersection with out crossing arms, killing three

All five victims were in the vehicle and attending an event near the train track, East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Marshal Steve Aubert said. The two injured, an adult and a child, were airlifted to local hospitals and suffered serious injuries, he said.

Aerial video of the scene from CNN affiliate KPIX shows a crumpled silver vehicle parked near the train tracks. The accident happened at an intersection with a stop sign on each side of the road but no barriers that would warn of an oncoming train, the video shows.First responders work at the scene of an accident in a rural part of California.

Aubert said this was not the first accident at the same intersection.

“It’s in the rural part of our district, so there’s a lot more farmland out there,” he said. “There are no crossing arms, there are no signals at this crossing and it is not the first accident that we have been in the same place. Trains are allowed to go up to 80 miles per hour on this route, so it doesn’t take long for a train to catch up right there at that junction.”

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According to Aubert, the Amtrak train was carrying 85 people and no one was injured.

Railway company BNSF is investigating the incident and says the route is currently open to train service.

CNN has reached out to Amtrak for comment.

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