American Rescue Plan Lifesaver for the Disabled Neighborhood – Arizona Capitol Instances

My life changed forever 20 years ago that September when I was paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident that put me in the company of 13.7% of Americans and 12% of Arizonans with mobility impairments.

I was determined not to let my disability stop me from leading a full, happy life – but while courage, determination, and the unwavering support from friends, family, and the community can ease the situation, the institutional barriers that can People like not conquering myself faced such exorbitant healthcare costs. It is for this reason that the American bailout plan is vital to improving the lives of people with disabilities, and that is why we need President Biden, Senator Mark Kelly and the other Arizona Democratic elected officials to work tirelessly to meet people’s needs with disabilities.

Marcos Castillo

The pandemic has hit everyone hard – this is especially true of the 26% of Americans who live with a disability. Many in this group, including myself, rely on personal caregiver services, often working with multiple clients in various settings for minimal pay. Many also live or spend a lot of time in hospitals and other group facilities. These factors – compounded by the increased vulnerability so many in this community face from pre-existing health conditions such as my autoimmune disease – have made the pandemic particularly frightening to us.

Fortunately, President Biden, Senator Kelly, and the rest of the Arizona Democratic delegation recognize the inequalities and increased risk we face and responded quickly by adopting the ARP – a bold, life-saving aid package that addresses the immediate needs of the most powerful society meets people at risk in our region, including people like me.

The ARP gave states a 10% increase (over 12 billion many of us depend on it. The package also increases household health grants that are up to 400% of the poverty line – $ 51,520 for an individual and $ 106,000 US dollars for a family of four – and extends the eligibility for these subsidies.

These tax cuts will drastically lower the health care costs of the working and middle classes. As someone faced with astronomical healthcare costs, they are a turning point that will help me take care of my family while keeping my medical bills under control. On a broader level, the ARP is getting shots in the arms, making us all safer, but especially those who are most susceptible to Covid due to disabilities or pre-existing conditions. The bill saves lives and there is always more to be done. I am confident and grateful that President Biden, Senator Kelly and the Democrats in Congress stand behind us and will continue to achieve better results for the disability community.

Marcos Castillo is a board member of Advancing Arizona.

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