Alabama lady tells her survival story

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – At this point in time, we all know someone who has had COVID or who has had a fatal accident. But if you contract COVID and are sent home after the test, do you know what to do?

WDHNs spoke to a woman about her recent recovery from the disease.

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“I’ve had COVID twice,” said Ashley Lane. Lane survived the coronavirus not just once but twice.

She says she was a survivor, but knowing what to do if she tested positive was a blur.

“They basically just said quarantine, they didn’t give me any medication or any prescriptions.” Lane said.

Although her symptoms were mild on both occasions, she said that she feared for her life due to the lack of medication.

“I was very afraid of getting very sick, like most people, but I just prayed and did my best with home remedies,” Lane said. And because they don’t know what to do after being diagnosed, some have to fight for their lives in the hospital.

If you do contract the virus, according to the CDC, there are a few things you can do to keep it from getting worse over time. For example, resting, taking recommended doses of pain relievers, and staying hydrated.

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Lane says she took a slightly different route to defeating COVID.

“Green tea, lemon, honey, ginger ale, cough drops and people hiding,” Lane said.

But Lane also says that she wishes she just wore a mask.

“Wear your mask, COVID is definitely real.”

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