Aaron Larry Bowman Beats: Physique digital camera footage reveals Louisiana state police officer Jacob Brown beating a black man

Seven minutes of footage from the official’s body-worn camera from the May 2019 incident was recently turned over to lawyers for motorist Aaron Larry Bowman, according to a court ruling last week. CNN received a copy of that video from Bowman’s lawyers on Wednesday.

The soldier in the video, Jacob Brown, was charged with serious second-degree battery and misconduct in December. He did not submit a plea. Prosecutors said the case remains on hold as federal investigators conduct their own investigation into Brown’s actions.

The Justice Department said the case is the subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI “with professional attorneys in the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Louisiana and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.”

Attempts to reach Brown were unsuccessful. He didn’t list a lawyer. Brown left the state police in March, according to a spokesman.

Body camera footage of Bowman being beaten shows officers running up to other officers who have him on the ground trying to arrest him. The body-worn camera footage shows Brown wielding what appears to be a flashlight and repeatedly hitting Bowman while lying face down on the floor, his hands behind the head for part of the hitting, as he tells them, “I resist not.”

“Fighting us won’t help you, buddy,” said one officer.

“I’m not fighting you,” replies Bowman.

Later you hear him groan and say, “You hit me in the head with a flashlight. I’m on dialysis, man, it hurt me. It hurt me. I have nothing.”

The Louisiana State Police division where Brown worked, Troop F, is under investigation for possible attacks by soldiers against black drivers. That investigation followed the death of Ronald Greene, a black motorist who died after being beaten and tased after a car chase that began when Greene didn’t stop for police officers.

Louisiana supervisors review videos from a state police force to investigate whether there is a history of abuse in their interactions with blacks, sources say

As part of the investigation, investigators are working to determine if there is a history of abuse in interactions between soldiers in Troop F and blacks, two sources familiar with the process previously confirmed to CNN.

The video was first obtained from The Associated Press. What is known about the cases in which this unit within the Louisiana State Police is involved is largely the result of reporting by the AP, which uncovered various problems with the behavior and the cover-up of that behavior by state troopers.

According to court records, (Bowman) suffered “multiple lacerations” as a result of the beatings, including “a cut in the top of his head, a broken arm, and broken ribs, among other ailments”.

Ron Haley, one of Bowman’s attorneys, said Brown hit his client with an 8-inch aluminum flashlight. Brown met him within seconds of initial contact and met Bowman at least 18 times in 24 seconds, Haley said. CNN subsidiary WBRZ reported that Brown hit Bowman 18 times within 24 seconds in an affidavit of his arrest.

Bowman’s attorneys or prosecutors did not immediately realize that there was body-worn camera footage of the beatings.

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A statement from Louisiana State Police said the agency found the footage after Bowman’s attorneys filed a lawsuit, adding that after investigators found the footage, investigators opened administrative and criminal investigations.

State Police said at the time of Brown’s arrest that “detectives learned that Brown committed excessive and unjustified acts during the incident and failed to report the use of force to his superiors.”

The result of the criminal investigation was turned over to the prosecution and Brown was charged in December. Robert Tew, the Monroe prosecutor, said it would continue until the US Department of Justice decides whether he will be charged with federal crimes.

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Last week, a judge in Bowman’s criminal case ordered that the video be given to Bowman’s attorneys.

“Before (the Brown investigation), no one knew about the body camera footage,” said Keith Whiddon, one of Bowman’s attorneys. “When my office found out about this, we filed our motion to ask the state to hand it over and the judge ordered it to be turned over within seven days.”

The incident began when a deputy from the Ouachita Sheriff’s Office tried to stop Bowman while he was using lights and sirens on his vehicle, according to an affidavit.

MPs in that agency do not wear body cameras, said the prosecutor and Bowman’s defense attorney.

Bowman fought with at least one of those MPs, according to an affidavit filed in the Bowman case. According to the affidavit filed by an Ouachita deputy sheriff’s office, Bowman “started swinging his arms at me and yelling that he had done nothing wrong. (Bowman) then hit me on the head with a closed fist. “

Bowman denied the police version of events in his civil lawsuit. He “claims that the published police report is fabricated and that aspects of Deputy (Donovan) Ginn’s narrative are not true.”

Bowman was charged with resisting arrest after passing traffic control. This case remains open.

CNN’s Evan Perez and Christina Carrega contributed to this report.

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