A sustainable Roof With EPDM

Do you want to lay a new roof, and are you looking for the possibilities? Nowadays, you naturally also want to take the environment into account. With which is roof covering, do you make a sustainable choice? EPDM roofing is the most durable roof covering. You can search it out on the internet’ roofing in brampton‘ to purchase durable EPDM roofing. You will have a pervasive range, which you can easily order through any webshop. They deliver everything quickly to your home so that you can get started right away.

EPDM as a sustainable material!

EPDM is a commonly used roof covering, which is perfect for flat and slightly sloping roofs. EPDM foil has a lifespan of at least 40 years, and the foil is always applied fireproof. You have little maintenance on this roof covering after it has been used.

The history of rubber has its origins in South America. The Indians made the ca-hu-chu or weeping tree’s product to make utensils such as drinking bottles or ritual figurines! Due to a lack of natural rubber during the First World War, Germany developed synthetic rubber. Ultimately, the EPDM we know today was created from this. So it is no longer a natural product. Yet EPDM is one of the most durable roof materials at the moment precisely because of its characteristics.

The starting point of EPDM roofing is that this type of roofing has a long life. It stems from the properties of the material. EPDM has very high elasticity so that expansion in heat and shrinkage in the cold does not lead to breaks or cracks in the roof covering. EPDM, therefore, has a minimum lifespan of 40 years, but studies indicate that the lifespan can be as much as 60 years. With a green roof, the lifespan is even higher!

The lifespan of roofing plays a significant role in determining the environmental impact. Many other roofing materials either last a long time or are relatively easy to recycle, but EPDM roofing combines these properties. Several independent studies have been carried out by, among others, the NIBE, which show that this form of roofing for flat roofs results in the most negligible environmental impact compared to other types of roofing. It is not only due to the lifespan but also because EPDM is installed without a burner. Therefore, it is not surprising that EPDM roofing is labelled as environmentally friendly, even by environmental organizations such as Greenpeace.

Production process:

Naturally, the way of production also plays a role in determining the environmental friendliness of a product. A considerable amount of energy is consumed for the production of many types of roof covering. The energy consumption in the production of EPDM is relatively low, making this an environmentally friendly alternative.


The construction sector is already looking ahead to the various possibilities of recycling. Ingenia, an independent consultancy engineering and consultancy firm, has investigated the reuse of residual flows from EPDM roofing. At the moment, processing EPDM waste using pyrolysis appears to be the most environmentally friendly way. With this processing method, the EPDM waste is first shredded in a shredder and then heated to 600 ºC. Most of the solid can be reused during the production process of new EPDM roofing. EPDM waste flows can, therefore, be used circularly!

A green roof with EPDM

Once the EPDM is on your roof, several factors influence the environmental impact of roofing material. The influence of temperature, sun and other weather conditions can cause roof material to release toxic substances into the environment. It is not the case with EPDM because this material always remains stable due to its unique composition.

The EPDM membrane has been tested for environmental friendliness, and it has proven to be very suitable for collecting rainwater. If you drain this rainwater into a rain barrel, you can then use it to spray the garden. The material also lends itself perfectly to be combined with environmentally friendly roof constructions, such as green roofs and flat roofs with solar panels. In short, if you are thinking about sustainability, EPDM roofing is an excellent choice!

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