A number of autos in Magnolia have been concerned in an accident

MAGNOLIA, Texas – Magnolia police said icy roads were responsible for a 10-vehicle accident that occurred early Friday morning on an overpass between FM 1488 and FM 1774.

The overpass lanes are still closed as the crews work to clear the scene.

One person was rushed to the hospital for examination, but luckily no serious injuries were reported.

The video captured of the scene shows that a school bus appeared to be involved in the crash, but police confirmed that the bus had just stopped by the wreck.

The police informed our crew on site that this was one of four to five accidents that took place in Magnolia on Friday morning – all caused by icy roads.

Officials urge people to stay away from the streets. If you have to travel be careful.

We will learn more about this story in the KHOU 11 News at noon.

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