A glance inside Janelle’s excessive weight loss plan and 100-pound weight reduction

Sister Wives followers are impressed by Janelle Brown’s 100lb weight loss and want to know how she reached her incredible health goal.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives

Janelle Brown from sister wives looks as slim as ever after reportedly losing over 100 pounds. Kody Brown’s second wife has struggled with her weight for years after moving house and marital problems. Viewers have watched as Janelle started kickstarting her health routine over the past year, and it has paid off.

Over the weekend, Janelle took to her Instagram to brag about a major achievement. The mother-of-six has uploaded a photo looking as skinny as ever after promoting her Plexus drinks last year. The 53-year-old owes her success not only to the pink drink, but also to her newfound passion for cooking cleaner, healthier meals at home. After long days, Janelle openly admitted that she used to give in and order takeout to make her life a little easier. But now she likes to eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables if it keeps her going longer.


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Janelle Brown showcases a new, healthier look

Janelle Brown sister wives transformation

It wasn’t hard for Sister Wives fans to notice Janelle’s new slim build as she wore a fitted red flannel top in the photo. It also looked like Janelle got a makeover as she donned mascara and a cappuccino-hued lipstick. The mother-of-six urged her followers to stop starving and “off the diets,” noting it’s time for her to put herself first. While the transformation took some time, Janelle now looks half the size she used to be.

Reports swirled after Gwen Brown apparently confirmed the fact that Janelle had left Kody behind and followed in Christine Brown’s footsteps. The troubles seemed to arise during the worldwide pandemic, when Kody instituted strict rules that she and her children didn’t want to follow. While Christine was the leader for half the women who left, Janelle is said to be happier than ever and choosing her children over her husband Kody.

Nothing is stopping Janelle from achieving her weight loss goals. If the rumors are true, the sister wives Star will have less stress in her life as she won’t have to deal with Kody’s tantrums. It looks like Janelle still lives in Arizona, but she might move back to Utah to be closer to Christine. Fans are hoping Janelle can maintain that weight loss, and a year from now she could be sporting a beautiful revenge dress.

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Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

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