90 Day Fiancé Colt Johnson’s Finest Outside Photographs After Weight Loss

Colt Johnson out 90 day fiance has embarked on a weight loss journey, and there are some outdoor pictures showing the rewards of his journey. Colt is one of the show’s unique cases, even by the chaotic show’s unusual standards. He first graced small screens with a Brazilian partner, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Their marriage quickly deteriorated, and when they started having domestic arguments, it was clear they were destined for a divorce.


Colt soon began dating another Brazilian woman, Jess Caroline. Their relationship seemed doomed from the start, and it didn’t help when she accused 90 Day Fiancé star Colt of cheating. Colt initially denied these allegations, but eventually admitted he had been unfaithful to Vanessa Guerra. Colt and Jess broke up and Colt decided to start a relationship with Vanessa. The third time seemed to be the allure for Colt when he married Vanessa and the couple are still together. However, they have faced their challenges, particularly from Colt’s wayward mother, Debbie Johnson.

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As for Colt’s relationships, fans are divided. However, they all seem to agree that he’s doing something right when it comes to his training. Colt revealed that he had turned into a gym rat between his failed attempts at finding love. He also said he’s over diets and just more careful about what he eats. He admitted he went to the gym every day after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the best outdoor pics on Colt’s Instagram since.

90 Day Fiance Stars Colt & Vanessa

In this outdoor shot, the 90 Day Fiance couple look perfect together. Colt wears blue jeans, a black top and a coat. He has his hand around Vanessa who is wearing a black dress with heels. His caption introduced Vanessa to his followers as his wife. The post was met with much praise and fans wished the duo well. They also gushed about how cute they looked together.

90 Day Fiance Celebrity Colt With His Pet

Colt posed for this photo with his cat on his lap and a blue bandana around his neck. The cat looked content in this position. Colt captioned the image with motivational words to help his followers through the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic. He encouraged his supporters to take a break and think about something other than what’s ahead of them right now.

90 Day Fiancé’s stud gets engaged to Vanessa

In this picture, Colt finally spills tea over his engagement to Vanessa, and his followers definitely reacted to this photo. That 90 day fiance Couple appeared to have chosen blue outfits for a coordinated effect. Colt wore a blue coat over a shirt of the same color, while Vanessa chose a blue and white dress. Most fans were delighted that the couple made a commitment as partners despite Colt’s dismal track record.

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