9 nationwide days might be celebrated in Hartlepool – and there is chocolate, wine and ice cream!

Who knew! There’s even a national holiday for people who fancy an extra dessert.

We decided to celebrate them all with a look back at some great days from Hartlepool’s past.

Get ready for a feast of pudding, chocolate, poetry, books and fitness!

A toast to Wine Day at King John’s Tavern in 2006 with manager Duncan Brydie pictured. Did you get a taste for National Wine and Cheese Day this year? It’s July 25th.

Photo: FLR

We are keeping an eye on National Potato Day, which takes place on August 19th. In the meantime, let’s relive the memories of a potato picking day at Golden Flatts Primary School in 2009. CATCHLINE HM4309 HARVEST

Photo: LH

If you fancy getting in shape, September 28th is National Fitness Day. Closer to home, fitness trainers lr Cheryl Laycock, Tracy Evans and Jill Patchcott tried out the bouncy gym shoes at the Life Centre, High Tunstall, in 2015.

Photo: Image by Kevin Brady

A reminder of the day The Works opened in Hartlepool in 2005. If you are a bookworm, you can celebrate National Bookshop Day on October 1st.

Photo: DP

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