5 workouts so as to add power to your swing

Welcome to our new and improved Home Fitness range. For the next three months we are offering you a training session every week that you can attend to prepare for the first round of golf in spring. We cover everything from mobility to strength to functional fitness so you can prepare for the first lap after the frost has thawed.

For the past month, Home Fitness has focused on improving your mobility in areas important to your golf swing, such as your upper back, shoulders, and hips. This month we’re increasing the stakes by adding weight training.

This week’s workout is all about strength. You need strength in your golf swing to hit bombs like Phil Mickelson, but building strength isn’t as easy as swinging harder or building really strong calves.

That’s why Cody Hoyt, owner and head coach of 7 Fitness, has developed an exercise program that will get your swing going in time for spring. You can do this round three to four times a week alone or in conjunction with the full-body strength routine from week 1.

Before we start, you need a band for this week’s workout.

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Now for this week’s workout, make sure you switch from one exercise to the next in a circuit format, doing four sets of 10 repetitions per exercise.

Deadbugs: The deadbug teaches you to use your core to stabilize your spine so that you can generate more force from your hips as you swing. Lie on your back and slowly extend one leg and your opposite arm. Hold this position for a second and return to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

Sniffer dog: This exercise requires you to focus on core control and coordination, which are essential to generating electricity in your golf swing. Start on all fours and extend one leg and your opposite arm in front of you. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

Russian twist: Although quite common, the Russian Twist is a great rotational force training exercise that will help you get stronger as you turn back and through your swing. When you sit on your bum with your knees slightly bent and your feet off the floor, rotate from side to side. It repeats itself every time you tap the floor with your hands. To make this exercise more difficult, you can hold a dumbbell or medicine ball.

Belt rotation train: This exercise will help you improve your rotational power and energy transfer in your golf swing, which in turn will help you add strength to your swing. With your back straight and knees slightly bent, hold the tape in front of you with both hands. Rotate your core as far away from the anchor point of the tape as possible. Repeat on the opposite side for a strong, balanced body.

Cross climber with a pat on the back: Shoulder stability is an underrated part of a powerful golf swing. Your shoulders and core play a huge role in winding up your back swing and starting the transfer of energy as you unwind and make contact with the golf ball. This exercise targets both your core and your shoulders to keep you strong and stable in your swing. Starting in a plank position, bring one knee to your opposite elbow and repeat on the other side. Then, in the plank position, tap each shoulder once with the other hand. This is a repetition. Repeat until you have completed a set of 10.

Doing this round three to four times a week will give you an opportunity to hit bombs in the spring. And if you missed the first week of our Home Fitness weight training series, check this out below.

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