5 SIMPLE Tricks to Get Rid of Dry Pores and skin

Dry skin is mainly caused by certain environmental factors that tear your skin of moisture. Check out some simple and effective ways to reduce drought and restore moisture.

Dry skin is also known as xerosis which is a common condition with multiple causes. Your dry skin can be a symptom that suggests a more serious diagnosis. However, in most cases, dry skin is often caused by certain environmental factors that are causing the skin to lose moisture, such as: These include hot showers, climate changes, harsh soaps, and chemically used skin care products that can cause your skin to become moist.

Here are some effortless and hassle-free tips using home remedies to relieve symptoms of dryness and restore moisture to your skin.

Apply the moisturizer immediately after you shower

Our skin automatically tends to stay dry after washing or bathing. The longer you shower, the more likely your skin will be drier. To avoid such conditions, apply the moisturizer to your skin immediately after it dries, taking into account the correct moisturizer for your skin type. The moisturizer can fill our opened skin pores and deeply moisturizes our skin.

Stop using products that contain chemicals

Products that contain chemicals like alcohol-based products, alpha hydroxy acid used in de-tan, deodorant-based fragrances, perfumes, soaps, and retinoids can seriously damage your skin texture rather than worsening the moisture that can leave it dry and dry its condition. Therefore, use chemical-free products and avoid chemical-based personal care products as much as possible.

Use natural ointments

Instead of using lotions, try applying natural creams and ointments that work and help moisturize your skin deeply without affecting it for further deterioration. Some of the ingredients of an ointment that are highly effective and nourish your skin are jojoba oil, dimethicone, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, shea butter.

Avoid allergens and irritants

An unusual appearance of dry skin may be related to the clothing you wear or to which you’ve exposed your skin. Even sitting by the fireplace, spending time in chlorinated or chemically treated water, or wearing wool clothing can irritate your skin and make it dry.

Invest in a humidifier

Keep a humidifier in your home to minimize the dryness caused by home heating and other preferred systems. Gas and electrical heat draw moisture out of the air, and sitting in front of an open flame or other source of heat can dry out your skin. A humidifier set to 60 percent is sufficient to compensate for this effect. Stay warm without heating up your home with a fireplace or other heat source.

About the author: Karan Gupta is the founder and CEO of Qraa Men

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