5 residence cures to lighten pokemarks on face

Pockmarks are concave spots that look like holes in the skin. This can occur because of an infection, chickenpox, measles, or because of damage to the layer of skin. These spots are so deep that even makeup cannot hide them. Today we are going to share some amazing home remedies to help you deal with and lighten your pockmarks.

Over-the-Counter Product: Pockmarks need deep hydration. There are many such products available in the market that help to heal and deeply moisturize the skin. So, you can opt for a gel-based sheet mask, a cream, or a chemical peel form.

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Moisturizing oil or butter: If you want to reduce dark spots, you can count on jojoba oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, hemp seed oil or shea butter.

face massage: To lighten the pockmarks, you can opt for the facial massage technique. With regular massage, the blood circulation in the skin becomes good, the cells become active, the muscles are strengthened and the skin becomes better.

Aloe vera gel: If you apply fresh aloe vera gel on the pockmark daily, it will help the skin to heal and gradually reduce the deep scars.

Treasure: Honey is used for numerous medicinal purposes such as burns, wounds and herpes. So, honey is a great remedy to deal with the deep scars of pockmarks. Applying honey directly to the skin repairs the wounds and lightens the scars.

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