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Words of Al Wood

It’s easy to subscribe to the nearest gym next to your place of work or home, but it’s difficult to get your money’s worth. Oftentimes, many people lose motivation to visit the gym even after subscribing to an annual membership. Some would find any excuse to flee or postpone their day at the gym.

A smart solution for you is to have a gym in a place that you never have to flee or avoid, such as your home. Having a gym in your home offers many health and lifestyle benefits. You can continue your physical training and exercises, adopt a routine, live healthier, manage your time better, and perform every movement comfortably. Without other people’s judgmental eyes watching your every move, you can do whatever you want in your gym.

It’s time to build your own home gym and apply the following tips:

Determine the location of your home gym

Before reading articles and researching bodybuilding programs like the ones on healthedacademy.com, you need to decide where to place your home gym. You must first figure out what space you have available before you invest in some home fitness equipment. Knowing the square footage at your location will determine how much equipment you can fit in it. Regardless of the type of home you own or rent, you should decide which area or room would be best for you to recreate a home gym. The most popular options among homeowners are the garage, the basement, an extra room or a free space next to the living room.

Identify the location of your gym and move things placed there beforehand. This way you can plan and decide what fitness equipment you need. To ensure your gym is safe, measure exercise equipment and draw up a floor plan to ensure you have enough space for all equipment. In addition, you should consider how your exercise will be affected by location. Depending on your preference, you may want to do your workout in a place where you can breathe fresh air. In such a case, it is best to have an outdoor home gym.

Set your budget

When it comes to gear, stick to the basics. If you’ve been to the gym before, you already know what you’re good at and what gym equipment suits you best. Get rid of devices that you have hardly used and that you don’t even want to use. Before you buy your gym, set a budget and stick to it. Don’t buy anything spontaneously. It helps if you list the things that are important to your workout.

Another cost-saving tip is to buy used fitness equipment and tools from online platforms and social media sites. Chances are some fitness enthusiasts will sell used equipment when they upgrade to newer ones. You can find good deals, but don’t forget to check their actual condition and ask for more photos and evidence.

Build your own home gym

Invest in quality fitness equipment

Don’t be afraid to spend more on equipment for your home gym. Always rely on high-quality materials. Because cheap devices that break and need to be replaced cost you more money in the long run. The golden rule is: choose the equipment that you can use the longest. You can research the best fitness equipment brands currently on the market, read reviews and browse resources to find them at reasonable prices.

While you’re willing to shell out money for home fitness equipment, try opting for the newer or more advanced model if the price difference isn’t that big. You can improve your workouts by investing in more advanced equipment. You can’t monetize the health and fitness benefits you can get from this device anyway.

With advanced fitness equipment you can optimize your training and improve your performance. Invest in gear that benefits your workout, not gear that wastes your money.

Consider installing rubber mats

One of the concerns you will have when lifting heavy weights is protecting your flooring. No matter what original flooring material you have, chances are it will be damaged by your heavy gym equipment and dumbbells. The best solution for this is rubber flooring in these areas. In addition, this will reduce the noise created when your gear is making loud bangs and things are rubbing.

Rubber mats also make you feel more comfortable during floor exercises. For example, you can lie down on the floor and do core exercises quickly and easily. Fortunately, there are many rubber mats that are perfect to install for your home gym. So no matter what your budget preferences are, you will find something that suits you.

Be creative and imaginative

This tip is a must if you want to do the building of your home gym yourself. Adding equipment to your home gym can be a creative process. There are many great alternative fitness machines out there if you cannot afford to buy luxurious and expensive equipment.

You can also sell your old gym equipment and save enough money to buy a new one. Finally, use your creativity and ingenuity to design and decorate your gym into a place where you will enjoy spending a lot of time. Remember that atmosphere and ambiance play an important role in keeping you motivated.


Having your own home gym is possible if you plan early and do enough research. Hopefully you can follow the valuable tips above to keep you motivated and continue to achieve your fitness goals. For example, you can stop avoiding exercise once you set up a home gym that makes you feel empowered and comfortable. Now your next step is to create a perfect workout routine at home.

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