5 Greatest and Worst Late Evening Snacks for Your Well being

Weight Loss: From popcorn to oatmeal to herbal tea, you know some of the best tips to help satisfy your midnight cravings.

Avoid chocolates, cookies, or pizzas as snacks until late at night


  1. Take a bowl of homemade curd as a night snack
  2. It can be an effective way to satisfy your midnight cravings
  3. Don’t have sugary cereal, chocolates, or ice cream

Late night snacks can break your weight loss goals depending on what you eat that time of the day. Midnight cravings or night cravings are quite common. During this lockdown and while working from home, people’s schedules have shifted massively. While some may have found a way to achieve that much-needed work-life balance, others still struggle to define that line and work late, with lots of unhealthy midnight meals. But don’t get angry. Making healthier choices, even about nighttime snacks, can be extremely helpful in preventing weight gain and other side effects associated with midnight chewing.

Best and worst midnight snacks for your health and weight


General improvements in lifestyle and eating habits can help reduce cravings for midnight. And if you are someone who feels hungrier at night, or if your job makes you up late at night, you need to learn to make healthier choices.

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Here are some of the best midnight snacks you can have

1. Popcorn: Well they are definitely low in calories. It’s a whole grain and high in fiber, which means I can fill you up and eat less.

2. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a high fiber meal that can fill you up quickly and satisfy your feeling of satiety.

3. Herbal tea: Herbal teas can be soothing in nature. They can help you sleep well. Make sure you have a decaf tea.

4.Low sugar granola bars: When you’re in the mood for a cookie or donut, reach for a granola bar, preferably one that is low in sugar. Stalk them in your pantry, especially for midnight food cravings.

5. Greek yogurt: You can also try regular homemade curd or yogurt. It provides you with a dash of protein and calcium and can help you feel full for longer.


Greek yogurt is a healthy snack that will satisfy cravings late into the night
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Worst midnight snacks

Now this list requires a little more attention from you. It contains the comfort foods that you actually want to reach for. Here are the worst late night snacks that you should stay away from.

1. Pizza: Fat in a pizza can cause heartburn. And do you have to say about the calories it will give you?

2. Cornflakes or sugary cereals: These foods usually contain empty calories and are a big no-no for satisfying midnight cravings.

3. Cookies and chocolates: These foods seem very appealing in the middle of the night, but you need to avoid them. They are giving you too much sugar, which can make it difficult for you to sleep.

4. Ice cream: The fat and sugar in ice cream can make it difficult for you to go to sleep.

5. Chips: They are high in unhealthy fat and salt, which is a bad combination for your health.

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So make sure you are reaching for the right foods to satisfy your midnight cravings.

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