2020 Houston Restaurant Weeks prolonged for unprecedented period

In this time of extraordinary need for restaurants and Houstonians alike Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) extends the annual fundraiser until September 30, 2020. This means that for the first time, guests will be able to enjoy special fixed-price menus at hundreds of restaurants around town full two months. The fundraising campaign was originally supposed to run from August 1st to September 7th.

Updated, 8/31/2020, 10:21 a.m .: While the Houston Restaurant Weeks were extended to September 2017 after Hurricane Harvey, many were unable to benefit for several days due to power outages, wind damage and floods, and many restaurants were temporarily closed. This year marks the first time diners can enjoy two months worth of offerings at Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Food is comfort, but as the ongoing pandemic and Hurricane Laura reminded us, all too often survival is also a matter of survival. Before the COVID-19 crisis, the Houston Food Bank has already helped feed an estimated 800,000 people in the Houston area. However, as of March 15, 3.3 million Texans have registered unemployment and the state unemployment rate has soared from under 4% to 8% due to the coronavirus. That said, the non-profit organization is helping now 1.1 million people put meals on the table. In addition, the Houston Food Bank is helping our neighbors to the east cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

Since its inception in 2003 by the late television and radio personality Cleverley StoneThe Houston Restaurant Weeks have become one of the Houston Food Bank’s biggest fundraisers. Over $ 16.6 million has been raised for nonprofits in 17 years.

After Hurricane Harvey, volunteers and staff prepare meals at the Houston Food Bank. Photo by David Leftwich.

stone lost her battle with cancer this May and her daughter Katie Stone stepped in to direct efforts. As attempts to fight the spread of the coronavirus have forced restaurants to 50% occupancy and slashed industry revenue, donations from the Houston Restaurant Weeks menus will be reduced to $ 1 per meal. In the past few years, donations have been $ 3 or $ 5 per meal, depending on the price of the Prix Fixe menu. The decision to extend this year’s fundraiser will help offset the decrease in donations per meal and continue to support difficult restaurants.

In a statement, Katie Stone said: “I am humble and in awe of what has happened to restaurants here in Houston over the past month. HRW came at a time that couldn’t have been more crucial this year, and I am so inspired and grateful to be able to continue my mother’s cause of supporting families in Houston. “

For a full list of participating restaurants, including 61 restaurants new to HRW, visit the Houston Restaurant Weeks website.

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