20 States That Are Higher Than Florida for Retirees: Insider Evaluation

  • Florida is a popular state for people to retire to.
  • But Rhode Island, Delaware, and Ohio can also be great states for retirees.
  • Insider looked at various pieces of data to rank where the best states to retire to are.

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Although retirees have flocked to Florida in the past, Rhode Island and Delaware could be two great alternatives for those ready to enjoy their golden years.

That’s according to insider analysis of various datasets to find the best states for retirees to live in. Based on our methodology, 20 states rank above Florida.

According to an analysis by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Florida was the #1 state where retirees traveled.

But some retirees might not want to move to Florida.

Insider wanted to see which other states might be great for retirees based on a number of factors, including average temperatures and the cost of living. According to our analysis and methodology, there were 20 states that ranked above Florida. These include Arkansas, Texas and Maine.

The following are 20 states that could be great for retirees. Below these top states is more information on our methodology and our full list of data sources we used to create this ranking.

Are you a retiree who moved to or lives in one of the top states in our analysis? Email this reporter at [email protected].

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