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You want only the best, most innovative technology for your home, and we have a wealth for you to share in today’s Daily Digest. These gadgets challenge the norm and are suitable for both everyday and leisure activities.

Upgrade your tech arsenal with clever gadgets so useful that you will wonder how you ever lived without them. This tech genre takes the ordinary and sprinkles it with a dash of AI and smart features to spice up your routine.

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We scoured the latest tech releases for clever gadgets that make everyday work tasks easier, allow you to connect with your pet when you are not home, encourage you to get fitter, and much more. Discover useful accessories for all tasks and lifestyles below.

1. Make your work day more efficient and productive with the CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS keyboard touch panel. This clever gadget has a customizable user interface that you will love.

CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS on the desk

The CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS keyboard’s touch panel displays up to six programmable virtual keys so that you always have your most frequently used apps at hand. In addition, there is no need to click the mouse as you can simply tap a button to navigate through various software.

Treat yourself to this touch panel at the reduced price of $ 89.99.

2. Reduce the cost and waste of disposable batteries by investing in the slim IKEA TJUGO battery charger. This clever gadget accepts both AA and AAA batteries.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowIKEA TJUGO closed on a desk

Have you ever thought about the effects of throwing away a huge amount of batteries on the environment? Make a more environmentally conscious choice with the slim IKEA TJUGO battery charger. It has eight separate channels to charge multiple batteries at the same time.

Order this charger for $ 17.99.

3. Organize your weights with the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio home fitness equipment. This clever fitness machine contains 145 lbs of equipment for a full-body workout.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowJAXJOX InteractiveStudio set up in a living room

Use the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio home fitness equipment to motivate your workout. It’s a compact fitness system that stores 6 kettlebells and 15 dumbbells to keep your living space tidy. In addition, it will improve your exercise routine with the 43-inch rotating screen.

Add yourself to the waiting list for this fitness device. It will cost $ 2,399 once it is released.

4. Make your world more digital with the Vestaboard messaging display. This office accessory presents up to 132 modular characters.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowVestaboard on a black background

Use the Vestaboard messaging display to display a custom message at home or in the office. This aluminum-framed display plays a tone as the news changes to brighten your day. A variety of colors are available for personalization.

Get this fall delivery messaging display for $ 2,850.

5. Keep an eye on your furry friend with the Petcube Bites 2 Lite HD smart pet camera. This pet gadget also dispenses goodies.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowPetcube Bites 2 Lite donates a treat

With the Petcube Bites 2 Lite Smart HD pet camera, you’ll always feel connected to your best friend. This is how you can check in to speak to them or even hear what is going on in your home. In addition, it will send you notifications when it detects noises, so you can remotely comfort your pet when they are in need.

This pet camera is currently available on Amazon for $ 99.95.

6. Control all of your apps and tools to work more efficiently with Elgato Stream Deck MK.2’s creative user interface. It contains 15 LCD buttons.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowElgato Stream Deck MK.2 displays a user’s favorite apps

With Elgato Stream Deck MK.2’s creative user interface, you can accomplish so much, such as: Customize the display to suit your most used and favorite apps.

Buy this creative UI for $ 149.99.

7. The roll-up LG SIGNATURE OLED R TV is a clever home device that turns into an elegant loudspeaker when not in use.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowLG SIGNATURE OLED R in a home

The roll-up LG SIGNATURE OLED R television is a three-in-one device that can be expanded from an elegant loudspeaker to an ultra-thin display and even a full television screen. Indeed, this design and versatility is possible thanks to OLED’s self-luminous pixel technology. Overall, it is a unique TV that will add luxury to your home.

Equip your living room with this luxury TV for $ 100,000.

8. Easily carry out repairs at home and DIY projects with the Xiaomi Mijia cordless electric screwdriver. It is compatible with 180 screw sizes.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowXiaomi Mijia cordless screwdriver with attachments

Work longer without sore arms when you have the Xiaomi Mijia cordless screwdriver. This do-it-yourself tool has a powerful motor with up to 5 Nm of torque to get things done. Plus, it offers different speeds to keep you in control.

Order this tool on Amazon for $ 56.99.

9. The collaborative robot Elephant Robotics myCobot is a clever gadget with an arm length of 350 mm and a payload of 250 grams.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowElephant Robotics myCobot on a table

Elephant Robotics’ collaborative robot myCobot is lightweight and ideal for commercial and educational use. Its case has two screens to make the applications easier to view. Overall, it’s great for productivity.

Order this robot at a discounted price of $ 599.

10. Sidekicks.ai’s holographic AI companions can revolutionize education and have a mission to help people.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowSidekicks.ai companions on display

Sidekicks.ai’s holographic AI companions are friendly and useful. These companions are like a new friend with all the AI ​​features you could want such as: B. Reading the weather forecast or sharing stock prices. With their own personality, these AI gadgets are fun and talkative.

Pre-order a Sidekicks.ai shuttle for $ 59.

11. Play virtual chess with other players with the PHANTOM wooden robot chess board. With a sensor and advanced technology, the parts move silently in real time.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowPHANTOM with different parts

Play chess with people all over the world on a tangible board with the PHANTOM wooden robot chessboard. Make your move using a smartphone, tablet or computer and the parts will react accordingly. You can even move parts with your voice.

Pre-order this smart chessboard from Indiegogo for $ 429.

12. The LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet has an automatic brake light, a bright taillight, turn signals and more to ensure your safety.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowLIVALL EVO21 smart helmet with switched on taillight

If you like to ride a bike, the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet has all the safety functions to protect you from dangers on the road. This clever helmet offers 360-degree coverage and the built-in lights indicate where to turn to keep drivers informed.

Pre-order this bike helmet for $ 99 (23% off).

13. Relax wrinkles in clothes, remove dust and odors, and freshen up bed linen and toys with the Samsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowSamsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser in a home

Use the Samsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser to freshen up clothes, bedding and stuffed animals. This elegant furniture comes in 2 sizes – 18 and 24 inches – so there is a model to suit your space. In addition, the AirDresser also syncs with your phone to issue warnings when the cycle is complete.

The price and release date for this smart furniture is yet to be announced.

14. Make your home smarter with the Smart Home Controller Brilliant 2-Switch Panel. This clever gadget contains touchscreen panels.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowBrilliant 2-switch panel mounted on a wall

The Smart Home Controller Brilliant 2-Switch Panel makes everyday tasks easier and more efficient. In fact, it lets you control lights, thermostats, smart devices, cameras, and more with the push of a button. It even turns any lightbulb into a smart one.

Order this smart home controller for $ 349.

15. Get fit and play with the Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike at the same time. It includes games and streaming services to keep you entertained while you exercise.

15 clever gadgets that work so well you will want to buy them right nowPlaypulse ONE in action

After all, training with the Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike is even more fun. This smart bike has pedal sensors that give you physical control of the game. So if you want your character to run faster, you need to increase the pace. It’s a fun way to burn calories.

Pre-order the Playpulse ONE at the special price of $ 1,399.

In summary, it can be said that you can easily integrate these clever gadgets into your everyday life. Which of the above points do you notice? Share your feedback in the comments.

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