10 Greatest Yoga Wheels – The Greatest Yoga Wheels in 2021

Christine Giordano

PSA, yogis. It’s time to hone your yoga practice by purchasing a new item for your home routine: say hello to the yoga wheel. What exactly is a yoga wheel? “A yoga wheel is a hollow cylinder made of plastic or wood that is sometimes covered with cork or rubber,” explains Kristin McGee, a peloton yoga teacher. “It can be used to aid in deeper stretching, precarious balance, advanced yoga poses, and core work.”

Do you have that down? Great because rest assured you want to get your hands on a yoga bike ASAP. This is why Women’s Health has rounded up the 10 best yoga wheels you can buy online right now. You’re welcome.

And before you choose a yoga wheel to add to your shopping cart, you should probably learn a little more about using a wheel first. “I use a yoga wheel for assisted chest opening poses, like a fish pose or a wheel pose,” says McGee. “I also love to put my hands or elbows on it and get into a deeper child’s pose.” Pro Tip: You can put it under your feet and roll it up and down for core work and handstand preparation, notes McGee. “I often try to just put one foot on a plank and then roll it back and forth. Killer ab work,” she explains. During the lunges, place the yoga wheel under your back foot or under your forefoot to stretch the hamstring.

TLDR; This yoga tool has all kinds of uses.

Okay, now that you know almost everything related to yoga wheels, it’s time to see which one is right for you. Read on for the absolute 10 best yoga wheels to buy online right now. Your body will thank you for the upgrade.

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Best yoga bike overall

Chirp Plexus Wheel 3-pack

“I love the Plexus Yoga Wheel because of the center groove and soft rubber pad,” says McGee. And it turns out that she’s not alone. This yoga wheel has nearly 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon and users love its ability to stretch spine and back muscles. Unlike most yoga wheels, this wheel has a center slope to give your spine room to decompress.

Critics rave: “”I was in pain for about a month from being locked in the house, and it got worse every day. After seeing tons of Facebook ads for this thing, I decided it was worth trying. The first use was delicate as I had a lot of tension and knots to exercise, but I was able to open my back for the first time in several weeks. Now I use it several times a week for general stretching and kneading knots, and it’s wonderful. I bought the medium size and was seriously considering buying the small one for more targeted lower back pressure. We recommend! “- Kelly, amazon.com


The most durable yoga wheel

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Not only does this yoga wheel have over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, but it also comes with a handy guide that tells you exactly how to use this particular tool, especially with regards to dealing with back pain. It’s also one of the most powerful yoga bikes out there, and can hold up to 550 pounds of body weight. (Which is a big plus.)

Critics rave: “I have chronic back pain. I’ve been in pain every second for the past 17 years. I’ve had three surgeries, loads of physical therapy, and tried countless machines that promise pain relief … with no relief. I received this yoga wheel and one immediately I got up and 90% of my pain was gone !! I now use it 2-3 times a day and my back hasn’t felt this good in 17 years !!! I feel like I have a new life I’m so glad I bought this! “- A. Moran, amazon.com


Best cork yoga wheel

Aozora Yoga Wheel 13 “


This extra thick yoga wheel made of cork foam alleviates your annoying pain. It holds about 500 pounds in weight and is about 13 inches wide in diameter which is darn big for a yoga wheel! It also has an aesthetically pleasing design. (Always a plus!)

Critics rave: “”This thing is incredibly damned. I don’t have a good back bend and I am always looking for new ways to open my chest and upper back comfortably. This is easy to use, doesn’t slip or slide, and is super sturdy. Bonus: the edge of the cork part is actually a pretty purple color that looks black in the photos so I didn’t know in advance when I placed the order. Nice gesture. “- Yes, amazon.com


Best yoga wheelset

Seven Sparta Yoga Wheel Set 3-Pack

With this set you literally get three different sized yoga wheels in one package. Each yoga wheel targets a different part of your body and gives you a pain relieving stretch while helping you gradually adjust to the difficulty of certain poses and yoga flows.

Critics rave: “”These bikes – at least the two I’ve used successfully – are great! I have very specific back pains and when I first used the big wheel I could feel (and hear) things slide (pop) back into place. Is there any pain afterwards? Yes. Is it over Yes. Are the wheels working? Absolutely yes! “- Echo57, amazon.com


Best budget yoga wheel

Asoulin Yoga Wheel for Back Pain & Stretching


Yes, this yoga wheel is only $ 27. (Which is pretty cheap compared to other bikes on the market!) It holds up to 30kg in weight and is coated with extra thick TPE foam for added comfort.

Critics rave: “My back and neck tend to tighten when I sit in front of a computer screen all day. This helps me massage my spine and support me on stretches. I usually lay in a block to provide the stretch I needed in the neck, but this results in a much deeper stretch. “- Nyla, amazon.com


Best yoga wheel kit

Overmont 5-in-1 set

This 5-in-1 kit pulls out all the stops: the wheel is covered in foam, holds up to 550 pounds and is super durable. And yes, this affordable set also includes two yoga blocks, a strap, and a yoga ring that allow you to make certain poses more accessible, much like a towel or strap, but with the bonus of hooking your hands or feet thereon. Woohoo!

Critics rave: “Amazing for mobility and lower back pain / stiffness. Now that we’ve been working from home for over 4 months and the gym time, walking time, etc. have been reduced this helps a lot. I’ve used it about five a day Minutes and within just a week I feel a huge difference. Not only is it pushing me to be more flexible, which also reduces back stiffness and pain, but it also massages as you roll. I can’t ask for more. “- DanAsh , amazon.com


Best yoga wheel for deep tissue release

Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller

ICYMI, this yoga wheel looks a little different. Why? It’s covered in therapeutic bumps that help reach all of the trigger points on your back and body. Plus, this yoga wheel is * extra * strong as it can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Critics rave: “Let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with this product! Those bumps find every knot and kink in my back. I use it on my yoga mat (my son tried it on the bare floor and it kind of rolled out from under him.” ). A couple of buns and my back says, “Pop! Pop! Pop! “And I feel like a new person. Finally! Relief!” – H, amazon.com


Best mini yoga wheel

Shogun Sport Yoga Wheel


This 6 inch mini yoga wheel is perfect for people who are short on space or want to start small. It can hold up to 500 pounds and is covered with soft, water-resistant padding. Plus, the width is small enough to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, and there are over 1,400 reviews on Amazon.

Critics rave: “This yoga wheel is amazing! I have problems with my shoulders due to a chiropractic mistake and have been looking for something that will help the tightness in my upper back. And that does exactly that! Even if someone is worried about the weight, I am.” ‘I’m in my lower 200s and it doesn’t even squeak or move when my full weight is on it. “- Lynn, amazon.com


Best non-slip yoga wheel

Shinyever 5-in-1 yoga wheelset

Not only are these wheels available in tons of different colors to match your home gym, but they are also paired with other yoga equipment like yoga blocks, a strap, and a stretch ring. And yes, thanks to the non-slip surface of the yoga wheel, you can slide on it even when you are bathed in sweat. TLDR; This is a great kit for beginners and professionals alike.

Critics rave: “”This is a very well made set of yoga equipment. I am currently pregnant [and] I really needed yoga blocks during my prenatal yoga. That helps me a lot … The bike really helped my husband. “- Ulambayar Dorjnyam, amazon.com


Best thick cork yoga wheel

Natural cork back roll with spinal groove

Yes, this cork wheel is pretty darn big at 10 inches in diameter. It has a super thick coating to hold a lot of weight, and the base is an extra six inches wide to maximize all of your body stretch needs. And yes, this yoga wheel has a groove design to realign your spine.

Critics rave: “Chirping is good for a stretch and some tearing, but these babies are life changing. I am flexible and deep pressure and I can massage well intuitively. With these tools, I can work on pressure with my own body weight instead I can’t believe how my muscles feel loose today, it’s really amazing. “- Rachelina, amazon.com

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